It’s Easy to Volunteer at Miniwonders!

When you give back, we can go forward.

Volunteer as a:

Representative from your company

  • Do you know many companies have opportunities for you to take a day off to volunteer?
  • Be out in the sunshine and under the Texas Sky.  We have pasture management needs where volunteers of all ages can work as individuals, in teams, or in family units. Our minis can’t even use our pasture unless our volunteers help us with these things. Sign up for a time today!

Skilled worker

  • Donate your time for something you do professionally. Your hours of work are tax deductible!  We can use plumbers, and handymen all the time.
  • Do you like to build things?  Our minis always have a need for items to be built. You can build them at home or at Miniwonders.  


  • See your grandkids faces light up when they pick a gift from the horses’ wish list, go shopping for it, and come back to present it to the horses.  Kids love helping our horses so they can help others.

Other ways to give:

  • Community service projects
  • Boys Scouts/Girls Scouts serving charitable organizations
  • High School/Middle School community service hours (National Honor Society, Teen Court, P.A.L.S., and more.)
Click Here to Download Volunteer Form