I went out to feed my two little therapy horses-in-training this morning. The three-year-old, Goodness, doesn’t know she’s little at all. In fact, she has about convinced the full-sized horse next door that she is just as tall by the way she struts around and shakes her mane in the wind.

The yearling, Mercy, only knows she is little because Goodness is always telling her she is. For instance, when I feed them, Goodness usually gets her grain bucket first, then while Mercy is building up a nice crescendo of hungry whinnies, I strive to quickly put hers down so the poor, tub of fluff doesn’t pass out from over excitement. She would certainly be mistaken for one of those fainting goats, because she is so very tiny and fat.

Sure enough, like clock work, as soon as Goodness sees Mercy begin to eat, Goodness leaves her own grain to take over Mercy’s breakfast. In fact Goodness is a bit stoic about reminding Mercy constantly that she is the one in charge and in control of everything in the barn and in the pasture. I can almost here the non verbal horse talk going on…”I will take that delicious grain now, thank you very much and MOVE ASIDE.”

I have to laugh out loud each time and say, “You two are like a couple of three year olds sizing each other up.”

Now don’t you blog readers get all like, “Oh no, poor little Mercy! For the love of all that is fair and right in the world, someone stand up for her!” You see at this point Mercy actually smiles. Have you ever seen a horse smile? It is quite smug and goofy. She immediately skips with glee to the bucket Goodness chose to leave behind. That’s right, it’s bonus time. Lord have Mercy! Goodness has moved on!

Goodness weighs about 250 pounds while Mercy only weighs 100. So, Mercy gets 1/3 of the grain that Goodness does. In other words, Goodness has the better deal, but she walks away from all that yumminess because she suspects I am giving Mercy something better.  By the time Goodness is done licking every ever-lovin’ drop of grain out of Mercy’s bucket, Mercy has pretty much finished off Goodness’ share as well. No one here at the ranch seems to understand how poor little Mercy looks more and more like a teletubby everyday on such a meager diet. Obviously, they are not seeing the grain switcheroo take place.

This kind of makes me think of how we human critters can be once we are grown up enough to have a salary and some freedom. It is so easy to look at how other people and families are “spending their grain.” It can make us want to jump over to their pile as soon as we get the chance. Maybe we want to jump jobs, schools, neighborhoods, friends, or churches. I mean if the grain comes from another bucket, it must be better than the bucket I have been given, am I right? If we are not careful, we could be forfeiting the portion we have been given, the better portion. It is right in front of us. If we could only learn to slow down, trust The Giver.

Psalm 16:4 – 6

Lord, you alone are my inheritance, my cup of blessing.
You guard all that is mine.
The land you have given me is a pleasant land.
What a wonderful inheritance!