More than just horses

Did you know that animals can stimulate social interaction and ease agitation in dementia patients? Research shows that spending time with animals helps retrieve and create memories in a healing and positive way.

Miniwonders is a non-profit organization using our miniature horses to reach out to children, senior citizens and any person under duress, emotionally or cognitively.

A few things that Miniwonders has been a part of are:

  • Visits to memory-care and rehabilitation facilities on a regular basis.
  • Visits to families with a terminally-ill loved one. Our horses, Goodness and Mercy, accept the emotions of family members, for a while, which relieves stress on the person passing away. This provides a tremendous amount of therapy in this unique situation.
  • Children with mentors or therapists use our tiny horses to accomplish goals. Children will spontaneously share matters of the heart and try challenging tasks around these special creatures.

Goodness and Mercy rely solely on volunteers and are funded 100% by donations from local businesses and individuals. So you can be sure that 100% of our donations are spent on the care and training of our miniature horses.

Woman with Goodness
Man petting Goodness